My Story on the Blog

These blog posts contain more of my story than what can be found under the About Me and My Story links above. This is the day-to-day stuff, the tips, advice, stories, opinions, and everything else that could come out of living as a fibro babe every day. Enjoy!

Whether your pain and fatigue is “not that bad” or debilitating, you won’t be able to heal until you stop treating your body like a mule that can pushed and prodded and forced to do things. You must learn to honor your body. Are you abusing your body without realizing it?

With fibromyalgia, you have to learn to take care of yourself, honor your body, and know your limits. The compassion and simple self-care techniques I learned during my office organization journey helped my body start to heal.

A while ago, I started being attracted to cherry blossoms. They have become my symbol for fibromyalgia — and for hope.

Doin’ it Anyway

January 8, 2011

If we wait until we feel good before we start to get healthy, how will we ever get there? This is especially true for us fibromyalgia babes. We tend to feel pretty crappy most of the time, so if we wait until we feel good, we’re doomed!

I walked a 5k on Sunday in the rain; it took me an hour and ten minutes. I was the last one in, but I did it. Not bad for a gal with fibromyalgia!