The Sherri Little Fibromyalgia Coaching Scholarship

Sherri Little Fibromyalgia Coaching Scholarship

The Sherri Little
Fibromyalgia Coaching Scholarship

Sherri Little was a friend and client who passed away on July 7, 2015, after a lifelong battle with chronic pain. Like many of us, Sherri spent years searching for answers and struggled to get appropriate treatment. She was also an advocate, working for awareness and patient rights. Give Pain a Voice interviewed Sherri just two months before her death (below). In this clip, she talks about her struggle in getting the treatments she needed. You can learn more about Sherri at

Sherri’s Legacy

The Sherri L. Little Fibromyalgia Coaching ScholarshipIt was Sherri’s desire to create a non-profit that would provide help and support for those living with chronic pain. She was an advocate who told her story everywhere she could, in the hopes it would raise awareness. She wanted her story and her pain to help others. We talked of this often. This is a picture of Sherri at the Caterpillar Walk for fibromyalgia awareness, in May 2015.

When Sherri died, she left behind coaching sessions that she was unable to use. Through the many conversations I had with Sherri, I know that she would want these sessions to be used to help women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford coaching.

This is the beginning of Sherri’s legacy.

Since this scholarship was created, I’ve had others who have donated money or some of their coaching sessions to help keep Sherri’s legacy alive. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you are interested in donating to the scholarship fund, please contact me.

Fibromyalgia Coaching Scholarship

In honor of Sherri’s dream, I am offering the Sherri Little Fibromyalgia Coaching Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will receive three coaching sessions at a “pay-what-you-can” price.

Why is this a “pay-what-you-can” scholarship?

I have found that clients get more out of their sessions when they have something invested. In other words, what you get out of your coaching sessions is directly related to what you put into them. In addition, this will allow Sherri’s legacy to touch more lives. As part of your scholarship application, you will indicate how much you can pay.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

This scholarship is open to women with fibromyalgia who have limited financial resources.

When and where will the coaching take place?

Scholarship recipients will work with their coach to select the best time and frequency for coaching sessions. Sessions are typically held once per week. All coaching sessions will occur by phone and are 45 minutes in length.

How do I apply?

To apply for a fibromyalgia coaching scholarship:

  1. Fill out and return this application.
  2. Provide a letter of recommendation. This can be written by anyone who knows you well enough to describe why you are a good candidate for coaching (healthcare provider, friend, co-worker, family member, etc.).
  3. Finalists will be contacted for a phone interview before the final scholarships are awarded.

Additional application notes:

  • All components of the application must be submitted for the application to be reviewed.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Scholarships are awarded when coaching resources are available. When coaching resources are not available, applicants may be put on a waiting list.

Photo of Sherri by Milly Velez. Used with permission. All rights reserved.