Client Celebration: Hope for Fibromyalgia Healing

May 16, 2012

"Promise of Hope" by Wayne Bricco

I just received this testimonial from Christine, a client I started working with this spring.

When I first met Christine, my heart went out to her as I realized how much her idea of “normal” had shifted. I see this so often. We get so used to our particular levels of pain that after enough time we forget what it’s like to not have that constant companion of pain. We get used to making accommodations for our fibromyalgia.

I particularly see this in strong women, like Christine. (grin)

Strong women are used to doing things for other people. It doesn’t matter their professions. I see it just as often in business women as I do in stay-at-home moms.

Here’s what Christine had to say about working with me after just six weeks:

Working with Tami gave me hope for healing for the first time in years. My fibromyalgia has been very chronic throughout my life and Tami’s gentle way of listening and supporting me helped me realize how much discomfort I had been tolerating. With her guidance, I’ve been able to acknowledge my challenges and build a support team that is helping me with the special care I need for well-being and peace of mind.

— Christine

Would YOU like some hope for the first time in years?

You can have the same results that Christine and others have seen; I can help.

Wonder what we’ll talk about? Story Sharing Chat & Consultation info is here.

You could also start by taking the Gentle Goal Setting for Fibromyalgia class. That’s the first thing Christine did with me. It’s an easy way to test the water and see if working with me is a good fit for you!

Before I came to the workshop, I felt overwhelmed with the goal setting process and afterward, I had a simple solution to put into practice. — Rebecca

“Promise of Hope” by Wayne Bricco © Acrewood Art 2011, all rights reserved. Used by permission.

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