Client Celebration: Fibromyalgia Symptoms Improving

June 9, 2012

"Promise of Hope" by Wayne Bricco

I just received this testimonial from Tammy, a client I started working with around Thanksgiving last year.

During Tammy’s consultation, she told me of the extra weight she had gained due to a leg and back injury. Her leg had healed, but there was some question as to if her back might still require surgery.

Either way, losing some extra weight would take pressure off her spine and bring needed pain relief. The whole thing left her feeling a bit overwhelmed—which is why she called me.

Here’s what Tammy said about her fibromyalgia symptoms (an extra bonus!) after making losing weight a priority this year:

Since I got serious about losing weight, I’ve lost 20 pounds* with [the nutritional program you recommended], yoga and a recumbent bike.

Yes, I have noticed my [fibromyalgia] symptoms improving and I have more energy as well. : ) I’m continuing to lose weight so I expect to continue to feel better. Thanks again.

— Tammy; Forest Grove, OR

 “Promise of Hope” by Wayne Bricco © Acrewood Art 2011, all rights reserved. Used by permission.

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