In the last four months, my fibromyalgia has suffered a setback. To get well, I’m getting “back to basics” – back to what got me well the first time – by taking an honest look at where I want to go and where I am now. I’m resetting my internal GPS.

Doin’ it Anyway

January 8, 2011

If we wait until we feel good before we start to get healthy, how will we ever get there? This is especially true for us fibromyalgia babes. We tend to feel pretty crappy most of the time, so if we wait until we feel good, we’re doomed!

I walked a 5k on Sunday in the rain; it took me an hour and ten minutes. I was the last one in, but I did it. Not bad for a gal with fibromyalgia!

Yesterday Scott and I flew from Portland to Dallas for Convention. This year was much different than last year with my fibromyalgia! See my story here.