“The FibroManual”, by Dr. Ginevra Liptan, is one of the best books available on fibromyalgia treatment. It is truly written for both you and your doctor!

Dr. Ginevra Liptan answers seven tough questions on fibromyalgia pain: Why won’t my doctor prescribe opiates? What meds make fibro pain worse? How much pain is too much? Is there a place for opioid medications in fibro pain treatment? How do I know when I’ve done the right amount of exercise? And more.

Dr. Ginevra Liptan gives an overview of the pain cycle, ideas for treating each part of it, plus why fibromyalgia pain is difficult to treat.

As a Health Coach who specializes in helping women with fibromyalgia, I read a ton of info on fibromyalgia. “Figuring Out Fibromyalgia” is a must-read for anyone with fibromyalgia, or anyone who knows someone with fibro. It’s one of the best books out there for both the newly diagnosed and those more educated.

Some underlying causes of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, testing options, my experiences, and cortisol chart comparisons from 2009 to 2011.