Self Care: Honoring Your Body

Self care is so important to help you live as well as possible with fibromyalgia. I have a theory on why fibromyalgia affects so many more women than men. I believe it’s because women tend to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. In order to allow our bodies to heal, we must begin to honor our own bodies and take care of ourselves first.

Traveling with fibromyalgia, or any disability, comes with certain challenges. This article contains over 50 individual tips to help you travel with more comfort and less fatigue.

One of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia is chronic headaches and migraines. Here’s a few of the things I’ve done over the years to keep mine under control.

Join Tami Stackelhouse, Fibromyalgia Coach, for “Weight Loss with Fibromyalgia: Can it be Done? Would it Help?”, the December webinar for the Portland Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Group.

In the last four months, my fibromyalgia has suffered a setback. To get well, I’m getting “back to basics” – back to what got me well the first time – by taking an honest look at where I want to go and where I am now. I’m resetting my internal GPS.

Each day I take 55 pills & vitamins plus four sublingual sprays to help me feel as well as possible. This is the story about what I take for my fibromyalgia and why.