Testimonials: A Celebration of Hope

My good friend Mary said recently: “Thank you for sharing your story. I know there are many others out there who don’t feel there is hope… and until you get your own hope, find some people who you can borrow theirs from.” This is so very true!

Therefore, in each month’s Hope & Healing e-newsletter I want to share a client celebration, a Celebration of Hope. Any other celebrations I receive will also be found here, along with posts that tell my own story of hope.

Marla talks about how working with Tami has helped her take control of her life and her health. Read her full story here…

Client Celebrations

October 17, 2011

Place your vote for which of five different fibromyalgia workshops you’re most interested in. Also check out the newly added client testimonials and celebrations.

In honor of Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2011, here’s my contribution to the “30 things” meme. As far as invisible illnesses, I actually live with a few. Things are mostly under control now, but back in 2008 I actually filed for Social Security Disability. To make things easy, this will be about my fibromyalgia…

Coyleen’s fibromyalgia and fatigue used to keep her from enjoying her grand kids. Now she’s up at 9 AM, has lost 20 lbs & has more energy to enjoy what she loves most.

Hope’s mom died at a young age from complications from diabetes. With both fibromyalgia and diabetes, Hope has a lot she’s been worried about. After just three months, Hope’s blood sugar levels are down to normal from being as high as 300 most days.