Weight Loss

In the last four months, my fibromyalgia has suffered a setback. To get well, I’m getting “back to basics” – back to what got me well the first time – by taking an honest look at where I want to go and where I am now. I’m resetting my internal GPS.

Coyleen’s fibromyalgia and fatigue used to keep her from enjoying her grand kids. Now she’s up at 9 AM, has lost 20 lbs & has more energy to enjoy what she loves most.

Hope’s mom died at a young age from complications from diabetes. With both fibromyalgia and diabetes, Hope has a lot she’s been worried about. After just three months, Hope’s blood sugar levels are down to normal from being as high as 300 most days.

When Jennifer began having symptoms she didn’t understand she felt embarrassed and hopeless. We talked once and I was able to give her some needed physician referrals and peace of mind.

Doin’ it Anyway

January 8, 2011

If we wait until we feel good before we start to get healthy, how will we ever get there? This is especially true for us fibromyalgia babes. We tend to feel pretty crappy most of the time, so if we wait until we feel good, we’re doomed!