Take Back Your Life

Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner in your own body?

Do you want to find some hope and be free of fibromyalgia symptoms and pain?

Take Back Your Life contains the techniques and strategies I’ve used to get well—the very same things that I teach my coaching clients. In this book, you’ll find concrete, practical suggestions that will help you feel better as quickly as possible.
Most of the things I discuss in this book are the things that your doctor can’t do for you. They are the things that only you can do for yourself. Occasionally, I discuss tests or medications that you can work on with your doctor. For the most part, however, this book contains the day-to-day, rubber-meets-the-road strategies that have helped me live a great life as a fibromyalgia patient.

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Tami takes an honest look at fibromyalgia and expertly discusses long-term management, since there is no cure.  She teaches the value of self-care and an integrative, multi-faceted approach to live a better quality of life.  Her writing breaks down the challenges that keep us stuck in not knowing what to do next by offering new ideas and approaches.

—Jan Favero Chambers
President, National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

tamiWhy I wrote this book

Like most fibromyalgia patients, it took me many years to finally get a diagnosis. I became so ill that I filed for Social Security disability in 2008. In 2009, my doctor introduced me to a health coach and everything started to change. I learned how to take control of my own life and health. I was able to discontinue my medications, including my pain meds. I began walking as a participant in 5k races. I decided that I wanted my pain and suffering to help others and became a Certified Health Coach. I started teaching other women with fibromyalgia what I had learned the hard way. This book is a compilation of those things, written so that you can learn from my experiences. I want to save you the time and heartache I went through trying things that didn’t work, in order to discover what did.

Buy on Amazon: Paperback $14.99 or Kindle $3.49

Or grab a free copy here!

Get your free copyWhat’s inside

In Take Back Your Life, we’ll cover:

  • What Does It Mean to Have a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis?
  • Can I Get Better?
  • How Do I Stop the Pain?
  • How Can I Have More Energy?
  • How Can I Get Better Sleep?
  • How Do I Work with My Doctor?
  • How Can I Help Myself?
  • Would Working with a Health Coach Be Helpful?

Inside the book, you’ll also find a link to special worksheets and videos I’ve created. These will help you implement ideas and strategies such as how to increase your energy, communicate with your doctor better, and add more joy to your life.

Take Back Your Life is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, how to live with (really live, not just survive) fibromyalgia book. Cliches all, but so very true. Tami speaks to my soul in this book. She has not only learned how to honor herself and live with Fibromyalgia, but she has written a script for each of us to do the same.

—Wendy Stone

Buy on Amazon: Paperback $14.99 or Kindle $3.49

Or grab a free copy here!